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Julia Perez and Gaston Castano Pre Wedding Photos

Hot Artis Indonesia – Julia Perez Making controvertial news again, now pre-wedding photos Julia Perez with Gaston Castano circulating widely on the Internet back to a public scandal. They seemed affectionate and intimate while vacationing together on the beach. In the photos, Julia Perez looks sexy in her beach outfit that displays the beauty and advantages of the curves of her body.
While Gaston appear simple with the showing side of the masculine without reduce sensual elements of both. Both seem so familiar during a photocall. Session pre-wedding photo shoot Julia Perez, Gaston Castano was reportedly carried out in two places, namely Tanjung Dimples, Ujung Kulon, and Bali.
Name Julia Perez (Jupe) can not be separated from things that smell controversy and bans. Julia Perez often dressed and posing sexy so he blocked a lot.
Jupe been banned in Bengkulu because often dressed sexy. Together with Dewi Persik, Annisa Bahar, Inul Daratista, Uut Permatasari, Trio Macan, Ira Swara and Nita Thalia, he was banned by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), South Sumatra-related ban on displays of the artist in South Sumatra Election 2008.
Julia Perez’s arrival plans and Melly Zamri to Pekanbaru to enliven the Indonesian Independence Day on August 17, 2008 failed due to blocked by the MUI Pekanbaru. Her album berbonus any controversy and led to bans himself. Only in the first week of release, the album Jupe has been banned in West Nusa Tenggara and Balikpapan.
In fact he was expelled from the Port of Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, for dividing the condom there. Although he expressed the aim to support the family planning program (FP) and the fight against AIDS, the Minister of Women Empowerment Meutia Hatta said that the action can be interpreted as support for free sex, let alone the lyrics of the song in the album Kamasutra strengthen these allegations.
Julia Perez Video clips were banned on all television stations in Indonesia. Until now Julia Perez still do not know why ban it, even though the video clip that has passed the sensor and the manifold comedy.
About the news about breast augmentation surgery done, but Julia Perez denies this. Rumors are circulating because of the name Julia Rahmawati as patients at a clinic in the area of Mega Overcast, Bogor, which is suppose to open practice to reconstruct the breast.
Julia Perez exciting photo also spread on the internet. As exciting collection of photographs of her appeared on the newspaper’s capital, Julia Perez reported it to Yanmas Polda Metro Jaya on March 6, 2007.
However, because not help his case dragged on, Jupe even revoke its report on March 21, 2007. Jupe said this he did after the third photographer has apologized to her that accompanied the meeting that took place in a cooperative and conducive. For him the issue is considered finished though was heavy because he felt as a victim.
In 2010, controversy emerged about Julia Perez’s nomination as candidate for vice regent Pacitan. However, in August 2010, Jupe claimed that he had resigned.
Problem relationship with Gaston Castano, Julia Perez looks close to the Argentine soccer player since the beginning of 2009. Even Julia Perez has dared to break with Gaston in early March 2009. Read also: Daniel Radcliffe Reduce Stress With Chocolate, Katy Perry Promoting a New Perfume Ad.

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