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Qibla direction becomes a prerequisite to the practice of prayer. Wherever Muslims to worship, they should be oriented in Ka’bah in Mecca. Determining the direction of qibla has importance to them in the Ka’ba. How to check if it is far from the temple?

Some time ago, the Internet, he said Usep Fathudin, former Special Staff of Minister for Religious Affairs, which shows various aspects of Mecca mosque in Jakarta. Validity of the direction of the mosque, he says, should be made to the mosque was built. This is because the shift of 1 centimeter could mean the removal of 100 kilometers.

Nevertheless, in his opinion, a 100-percent accuracy the direction of Qibla is not required in prayer, as mentioned in the Quran Surah Baqarah verse 144, which ordered them to pray toward Mecca. “The direction of the word” perceived as a maximum effort to direct our prayers Ka’ba of Mecca, “he explained.

Nevertheless, attempts to approach the accuracy of the direction to the direction can be done differently. Usep said determining the direction of Qibla Masjidi al Mukhlishun at Griya Depok Asri, Middle Depok, which was founded in 2001, using a compass in the English language with Latin and Arabic writings.

In pointing out the direction it was written that for Jakarta, and in most cities in Indonesia, north of the arrow should indicate the number 9 as qibla direction.

In fact, an overview of the Qiblah direction in a number of large mosques in Jakarta, showed that the use of a compass, point in different directions in any place of worship, ranging from 7.5 to 9.

Determination of the direction of direction, which is commonly used refers to the actual direction of the geographic north, which uses a magnetic compass or needle-called “Ka’b finder. The direction of the magnetic compass on the point of the magnetic poles of the Earth’s north pole.

It turns out that the north magnetic pole is different in every city from time to time. It depends on the rotation of the Earth. Studies show continues to move toward magnetic north about 4.8 km per year. In 2005, the shift reaches 800 km from the actual pole to the north. At the north magnetic pole of the Earth in 2050 is estimated close to Siberia.

Qibla Locator

Using a compass as a pointer to the direction of the past was considered less accurate. Recently introduced software that is contained in the site http://www.qiblalocator.com Qibla Locator.

Qibla Locator Qibla direction or a pointer, in particular, developed ibn Mas’ud software applications using the Google Maps API Google v2, since 2006. Development and application of view, and then with Hamid Zarrabi Zadeh at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Qibla Locator on the beta version 0.8.7 series are equipped with geocoding from Yahoo and control lines on the map image, as well as increase the level of the indicator. By September 2007, produced four beta version with a few additional applications, geocoder, as well as viewing distance.

Based Qibla Locator with Google Earth to know the direction of Qibla, wherever we are. To find out, in the upper part of the site to enter the address or street name, zip code, country, and the latitude and longitude.

Then on the right side image map will appear magnitude and direction of the qibla, or temple, its distance from the position that we are in position. This program, according to Thomas Djamaluddin, chief of the use of atmospheric and climate sciences Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) can be very useful in order to verify the exact direction of Qibla. “This could be mass correction mosque in Indonesia,” he said.

Sun shade

Thomas, a specialist in the field of astronomy and astrophysics, suggests that there is determining the direction of qibla using Sun shade. Approximately 26-30 days Mei at 16:18 pm and 16:27 pm at 13-17 Juli sun directly over the city of Mecca.

At this point, Sun is visible from all corners of the Earth can be used as a bookmark in place Cape. In addition, the vertical shadow of the object at that time may also be a decisive direction direction.

In addition to the areas that do not feel in the afternoon, as Mecca, when the Sun is above the point diametrically Mecca. Time, which can be used as benchmarks is a mecca for the region to the Sun December 12 January 16 at 04:30 pm and November 27 to December 1, 04:09 pm.

He said that the easiest way to fix the direction of Qibla, including the line enters the mosque. So easy that even laymen can do it.

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